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Rescue remedy, Arnica

For the initial shock caused by the injury, these remedies can always be taken

Recommended: For all kinds of injuries, muscle ache, bleeding, flu and sleeplessness.

  • shock following an injury
  • bruises, contusion, strains
  • muscle ache and physical exertion
  • you feel sore and lame, battered and bruised
  • you may feel oversensitive and not want to be touched; even the bed may feel too hard.
Burns, Scalds and Sunburn - Homeopathy treatment

Rescue cream or drops

For minor burns and scalding, Rescue cream or drops work extremely well. If used quickly (apply the drops if the cream is not available), the remedy can even prevent the formation of blisters

Dosage and directions:

Available in most health-food shops and pharmacies, Rescue remedy is not, strictly speaking, homeopathic, but one of the Bach Flower remedies. However, it is so effective in the treatment of the above complaints that it is a good idea always to carry a bottle around with you.

Put 10 drops in half a glass of water and sip slowly (or apply 3-5 drops directly onto the lips or tongue). Apply the cream to the affected skin area as often as you need


The skin is red, hot, perhaps even slightly swollen (common signs of sunburn) and you also feel a throbbing pain

Recommended: For acute inflammations, cramping and throbbing complaints and high fever.

  • often brought on by cold wet weather or wet hair
  • the symptoms start suddenly (often disappearing as suddenly as they came)
  • high fever, red face, little thirst, moist, sweaty skin, a desire not to be uncovered
  • when feverish you feel either drowsy or irritable but not anxious (as with Aconite)
  • throbbing, burning, cramping pain with red, hot, inflamed areas (e.g., throat, ear)
  • sensitivity to movement, light and noise


You suffer from severe burning pains and your skin develops blisters.


For cystitis, burns, scalds and sunburn.

  • severe raw, burning pains
  • burning, cutting pains before, during and after passing water
  • urine can only be passed drop by drop and burns like fire
  • constant urge to pass water
  • burning or even blistering of the skin or the internal linings
  • sexual organs may be painful and hypersensitive





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