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Unan in Arabic means Greece where ‘father of medicine’, great Hippocrates originated this traditional system of medicine twenty five thousand years back. The base of it is Hippocrates’ humoral theory according to which the health of a person depends upon the equilibrium of the tour humours present inside the body: dam (blood), baigham (phlegm), safra (yellow bile) and sauda (black bile), If the balance of these humours is disturbed, the person becomes ill. The job of a hakim is to bring back the four humours into equilibrium so that the health of a patient is restored.

This traditional medicine was adopted by Arabs and Persians through the efforts of scholars like Rhazes (al-Razi), Avicenna (Ibn Sena), Al-Zahrawi, and lbn Nafis and Muslims are using it till today. It came to India around 1 2th century AD and barring the period of British rule, it became very popular
along with ayurveda. Government of India, set up the Traditional Central Research Institutes of Unani Medicine, at Hyderabad and Lucknow, eight regional research institutes at Chennai, Bhadrak, Patna, Aligarh, Mumbai, Snnagar, Kolkata and New Delhi, six clinical research units at Allahabad, Bangalore, Karimganj, Meerut, Bhopal and Burhanpur in 2001.

Career in ‘Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (BUMS)’ Course After 10+2
Career in ‘Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (BUMS)’ Course After 10+2


Candidates who have passed 10+2 its equivalent with physics, chemistry and biology.

Undergraduate Courses:

Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (BUMS)

Professional institutions:

The practice of Unani medicine is performed throughout India. Some of the noted institutions are:

  1. Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine, Delhi. Web:
  2. Ajmal Khan Tibbiya College, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Web:
  3. National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangalore, Karnataka. Web:
  4. Faculty of Unani Medicine, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi. Web:
  5. Anjuman-i- Islam’s Tibbia College and Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Web :
  6. ZVM Unani College and Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra. Web :


  • Government! private hospitals
  • Dispensaries
  • Private practice
  • Colleges
  • Research institutes
  • Pharmaceutical companies





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