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For initial inflammation and to avoid subsequent suppuration. If the area becomes red, hot, swollen and throbbing,


For acute inflammations, cramping and throbbing complaints and high fever.

  • often brought on by cold wet weather or wet hair
  • the symptoms start suddenly (often disappearing as suddenly as they came)
  • high fever, red face, little thirst, moist, sweaty skin, a desire not to be uncovered
  • when feverish you feel either drowsy or irritable but not anxious (as with Aconite)
  • throbbing, burning, cramping pain with red, hot, inflamed areas (e.g., throat, ear)
  • sensitivity to movement, light and noise
Boils, Abscesses and Suppuration - Homeopathy treatment

Hepar Sulfuricum

Pus then forms, the area is extremely sensitive to touch, and the pain is sharp and stinging. If taken early enough, it can prevent the formation of pus.


  • extreme sensitivity to cold; all symptoms alleviated by warmth
  • irritability and anger
  • suppurations have a yellow-green discharge
  • intense, possibly throbbing pains and stitches, alleviated by warmth
  • rough, barking, rattling cough with hoarseness


Boil develops very slowly, especially if you suffer from spots and acne which have a tendency to develop slowly. The remedy usually causes the pus to form more quickly and helps the abscess to open. It also helps to ease splinters out from under the skin

Silicea pellets are indicated for Formation of pus, Boils, Confusion, Constipation, Itching, Overwork. Silicea is a homeopathic remedy of many uses. It is commonly used to treat abscesses, boils, itchy skin eruptions and constipation.





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