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Aconite, Rescue remedy

Sudden feeling of panic, intense fear of dying, shock and terror (e.g., after an accident), for acute claustrophobia or for anxiety during acute illness

Recommended:  For all acute or feverish complaints that appear suddenly and with intensity. For best results, take the remedy as soon as the symptoms appear :

  • often caused by dry cold, cold wind, panic and shock
  • complaints come suddenly and are extremely fierce
  • fever rises rapidly and may be very high, with a hot, dry skin
  • patient is extremely restless and anxious
  • intense thirst for cold drinks
Fears, Anxiety and Panic - Homeopathy treatment

Argentum nitricum

Fear of forthcoming events, such as a journey or an interview. You constantly feel in a hurry, are possibly claustrophobic, may have a fear of flying or of heights and a craving for sweet things


Nervous fear of exams or interviews, or suffer from stage fright, with trembling, weakness, loose stools and a feeling of failure


  • For flu, fears, stage fright and nervous exhaustion.
  • flu with initial chills that run up and down the spine
  • head flu with a pain that rises from the back of the
  • neck up to the eyes (sometimes accompanied by disturbed vision)
  • you feel tired and exhausted; you cannot keep your eyes open
  • physical and mental fatigue, feeling shivering and achy
  • anticipatory fears, such as exams, interviews (possibly with trembling and diarrhoea)

Arsenicum album

People who suffer from the cold, from a feeling of great anxiety and panic, who feel very weak and internally restless. The condition is aggravated by loneliness and darkness.

Recommended: For food poisoning with vomiting and diarrhoea, colds and asthmatic coughs, insomnia

  • you feel cold, weak, restless and anxious
  • the slightest exertion is utterly exhausting
  • diarrhoea, vomiting and spastic stomach cramps
  • cold with a runny nose, cough with wheezing
  • burning pains
  • desire for warmth and warm drinks





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