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Constipation with a dry, hard stool and a strong desire for cold drinks

Recommended: For dry coughs, constipation, aching joints and backache.

  • often caused by anger and (financial) worries
  • the slightest movement is intolerable, only total rest helps
  • you feel irritable and long for peace and quiet
  • very thirsty for lots of cold drinks
  • stitching pains
  • dry cough, which is painful in the chest and hurts the head
Constipation - Homeopathy treatment

Nux vomica

Constipation caused by stress, by an abuse of laxatives or when routine is upset. You often feel a cramp-like urge to pass a stool, but are unable to do so.

Recommended: For digestive disorders, nausea and retching, constipation, backache, PMT, menstrual pain, earache, disturbed sleep, hangovers.

  • after-effects of rich food or food that is off, an excess of alcohol, smoking, coffee, an abuse of medical and recreational drugs, stress and a lack of sleep
  • nausea with retching (you cannot vomit), food lies like a stone in the stomach
  • very stressed, irritable and oversensitive


You pass a dry, hard stool only after a great deal of effort and you feel the stool slipping back despite all the pushing and pressing


You feel constipated and bloated and the stool is initially hard but then becomes soft and is passed in large amounts. You may also find it difficult to pass stools on unfamiliar toilets.





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