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Colic-like stomach ache that makes you double up in pain


  • For spasmodic pain, colic, menstrual pain and sciatica.
  • often caused by anger and resentment; you feel very irritable when ill
  • cramps and colic; bent double with pain
  • eased by pressure (babies lie on their tummies)
  • sciatica with numbness; you have to bend your leg to relieve the pain
Stomach Ache - Homeopathy treatment

Magnesium phosphoricum

Colic-like stomach ache that improves with warm applications (e.g., hot water bottle) and tender massaging of the stomach


  • For colic, stomach ache, menstrual pain, toothache, teething and sciatica (The most effective way to take the remedy is crushed in hot water and sipped.)
  • spasmodic, shooting pains, eased by anything warm (hot-water bottle), tender pressure, rubbing, massage or bending double
  • the pain comes and goes suddenly, or frequently changes places


Colic-like stomach pains that come and go suddenly and which may force you to bend double or backwards in order to ease them. The stomach is very sensitive to pressure and touch, and you may feel hot and sweaty.

Recommended: For acute inflammations, cramping and throbbing complaints and high fever.

  • often brought on by cold wet weather or wet hair
  • the symptoms start suddenly (often disappearing as suddenly as they came)
  • high fever, red face, little thirst, moist, sweaty skin, a desire not to be uncovered
  • when feverish you feel either drowsy or irritable but not anxious (as with Aconite)
  • throbbing, burning, cramping pain with red, hot, inflamed areas (e.g., throat, ear)
  • sensitivity to movement, light and noise

Nux vomica

For cramp-like stomach ache, often accompanied by wind, bloatedness and constipation, that flares up a few hours after eating. You feel easily irritable, angry and stressed.

Recommended: For digestive disorders, nausea and retching, constipation, backache, PMT, menstrual pain, earache, disturbed sleep, hangovers.

  • after-effects of rich food or food that is off, an excess of alcohol, smoking, coffee, an abuse of medical and recreational drugs, stress and a lack of sleep
  • nausea with retching (you cannot vomit), food lies like a stone in the stomach
  • very stressed, irritable and oversensitive





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