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You feel the constant urge to pass water, even after you have just been to the toilet or you keep making visits to the toilet for fear of not being able to hold back the urine. You may also suffer from burning or severe stinging pains


For stings and bites, especially bee stings; for sore throats and cystitis, and all conditions which resemble the symptoms of a bee sting.

  • burning and stinging pain
  • pale red, hot swelling
  • the painful area is very sensitive
  • throat or bladder feel constricted
  • no thirst
Bladder Complaints and Cystitis - Homeopathy treatment


You experience a burning pain when you urinate and a constant, overwhelming urge to pass water, but find that you can only pass a few drops. If the cystitis is more severe, there are often sharp pains before, during and after urination.


For cystitis, burns, scalds and sunburn.

  • severe raw, burning pains
  • burning, cutting pains before, during and after passing water
  • urine can only be passed drop by drop and burns like fire
  • constant urge to pass water
  • burning or even blistering of the skin or the internal linings
  • sexual organs may be painful and hypersensitive


Acute inflammation with cramping and burning pains, aggravated by the slightest jolt or pressure and, in some cases, accompanied by high fever


For acute inflammations, cramping and throbbing complaints and high fever.

  • often brought on by cold wet weather or wet hair
  • the symptoms start suddenly (often disappearing as suddenly as they came)
  • high fever, red face, little thirst, moist, sweaty skin, a desire not to be uncovered
  • when feverish you feel either drowsy or irritable but not anxious (as with Aconite)
  • throbbing, burning, cramping pain with red, hot, inflamed areas (e.g., throat, ear)
  • sensitivity to movement, light and noise

Rhus toxicodendron, Nux vomica

In both of the following cases, warmth alleviates the condition. You suffer from an irritable bladder after catching cold, getting wet or being physically overworked, and your whole body ache. Alternatively, you are spending a lot of stressful time sitting behind a desk.

Recommended (Nux Vomica) :

For digestive disorders, nausea and retching, constipation, backache, PMT, menstrual pain, earache, disturbed sleep, hangovers.

  • after-effects of rich food or food that is off, an excess of alcohol, smoking, coffee, an abuse of medical and recreational drugs, stress and a lack of sleep
  • nausea with retching (you cannot vomit), food lies like a stone in the stomach
  • very stressed, irritable and oversensitive

Recommended (Rhus toxicodendron) :

For strains, sprains, aching joints and backache, bladder problems, colds, hoarseness.

  • often caused by the cold and damp
  • great restlessness and unease
  • intense thirst
  • the tongue often has a red tip
  • although initially painful and stiff, the condition improves with continuous gentle movement; gets worse when resting
  • aching joints when you have a cold or flu


Repeated bouts of cystitis often brought on by catching cold and getting wet feet can result in an irritable bladder with frequent incontinence (especially when coughing or laughing).


  • symptoms are often caused by cold, dampness and grief
  • a desire for gentle movement in the fresh air
  • mucus (cold, cough, ear, etc.) is bland, thick and yellow or green
  • digestive problems often caused by fatty, rich food, pork and ice-cream
  • no thirst
  • weepy and moody, a desire for company and sympathy


Cramp-like symptoms that make you double up in pain and leave you feeling irritable and angry


  • For spasmodic pain, colic, menstrual pain and sciatica.
  • often caused by anger and resentment; you feel very irritable when ill
  • cramps and colic; bent double with pain
  • eased by pressure (babies lie on their tummies)
  • sciatica with numbness; you have to bend your leg to relieve the pain





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