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Photography is a science as well as an art. In fact, whatever we see on television, films, videos, etc., everything is concerned with photography. Whether it is space travel or deep sea pictures, micro insects or macro galaxies, all these are most clearly witnessed through photographs. There is hardly any field where photography is not involved.

Photography has many dimensions. A professional photographer does not need much of formal education. Some want photography as a hobby; others look to earn their living through this medium. Photography as an art requires artistic nature and creative mind. Leading photographers have made portrait photography as their career (note Philippe Halsman, Yusuf Karsh, and Raghu Rai, Ashwin Gatha among many Indian photographers). Now every person, holding a mobile phone with a camera can take instant pictures. Millions of people exchange personal imaging in the cyber space through their mobile phones.

Career in Photography After 10+2
Career in Photography After 10+2

Wedding Photography is very common as people wish to capture their special moments forever. This is one of the few occasions when all the relatives and close friends assemble and enjoy the feast. This type of photography is usually done independently or with the help of some staff. There is lot of labour covering all the activities but it fetches good money. A wedding photographer needs sophisticated photo equipment to present good photographs and videos.

Portrait Photography is the simplest type. It involves the use of a good camera and lighting. One should have a studio for this purpose. Everybody requires a passport-size photos for numerous purposes. A skilled portrait photographer focuses on the subject’s face and the expression on it. While taking a photograph of Einstein, the photographer Phillip Halsman asked the great scientist about the atom bomb just before pressing the button. Within no time the inner feelings generated on his face and Halsman clicked. It became one of the best photographs of Einstein. Group photography, which is also a part of portrait photography, is as popular now as it was before.

Fashion Photography is another area which is much in demand. There are fashion shows every now and then. A fashion photographer shoots either in studios or on locations. He! she also gets a chance to get his photographs published in fashion magazines. Whether the location is on the ramp or outdoor, he gets a chance to show his creativity. He should have a complete knowledge of lighting, colours and a keen eye for aesthetics, artistic flair and ability to take photographs in the available light. There is plenty of money in this business.

Wildlife Photography is most suitable for those who have a penchant for adventure and travelling, and love for animals. Besides having a keen eye on animals’ behaviour and nature, he must possess technical knowledge. He must have a lot of patience. At times one has to spend many nights to take a single shot, depending on the mood of a particular animal. Before venturing into this field, it is always better to learn the basics from a senior wildlife photographer. Initially there is not much money, but if you have the zeal and patience, you may earn name, fame and money. Remember, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Eligibility for ‘Photography’ Course :

10+2 in any stream. Those who have acquired some formal education can also become photographers.

‘Photography’ Course :

Some professional institutions give training but otherwise, no formal courses are available for photography. An aspirant can learn under a professional photographer or in a studio.

Types of Photography:

  • Advertising
  • Aerial
  • Architectural
  • Digital
  • Documentary
  • Fashion and Glamour
  • Forensics
  • industrial
  • Landscape
  • Mobile phone
  • Paparazzi
  • Portrait
  • Sports
  • Still life
  • Technical
  • Underwater
  • Wedding
  • Wild life

Professional Institutions of ‘Photography’ Course :

  1. National Institute of Photography, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Web : www.focusnip.com
  2. Delhi College of Photography, Delhi, Web: www.dcop.in
  3. Pearl Academy, Delhi, Web: https://pearlacademy.com/
  4. Raghu Rai Center for Photography, Gurgaon, Haryana, Web: https://www.raghuraicenterforphotography.com/

Placements after ‘Photography’ Course :

Freelancing, film/TV studios, open own studio, tourist spots, portfolios, for aspiring models and actors, artistic photography, publication houses/for books, among others.





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