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Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary science where computer technology is applied to biological problems. This combines biology, computer science and information technology. It provides careers for many from the arena of software development, medication development, analyses and web laboratory analyses. It opens ways for biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, research institutes, hospitals, sequence assembly and analyzing, database design and maintenance and industry. A graduate in Bioinformatics can easily get a job in India and abroad.

The demand for bioinformatics graduates is increasing at a fast pace. As the secrets of the universe are being unraveled by space research, so are the secrets of life by bioinformatics. The Human Genome Project has created so much of data that the scientists in Bioinformatics will take a decade to analyse them. The discovery of DNA by the trio Watson, Crick and Wilkins some decades ago has generated new avenues for exciting research. The DNA of all living organisms has the same structure in human beings, plants, animals and micro-organisms, some of their genes can be transported from the cells of one organism to another cell to give new shapes and traits to individuals.

Career in Bioinformatics Course After 10+2
Career in Bioinformatics Course After 10+2

There are two aspects of bioinformatics: development of software and methods to employ the same. An aspirant to set career in bioinformatics must have knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, mathematics and statistics so that he! she may develop new algorithms for implementation of computer programs for biological data analysis and displaying the results. Bioinformatics also plays an important role in areas like functional genomics, structural genomics, and proteomics, and forms a key component in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector.


10+2 with science subjects

The selection of the candidate will depend on marks obtained in 10+2 or entrance examination, as specified by institutes.

Undergraduate Courses :

  • B.Sc. in Biotechnology
  • B.Sc. (Hos.) in Biotechnology
  • B.E / B.Tech

Professional Institutes:

Renowned colleges and universities across India offer a degree course in bioinformatics. Some of them are listed herewith:

  1. Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity Campus, Noida. Web: https://www.amity.edu/aib/
  2. institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, Bangalore, Karnataka. Web: www.ibab.ac.in
  3. DAV College Chandigarh, Chandigarh. Web: https://davchd.ac.in/

Other Institutes:


Well-known names in the industry — Accenture, Biocon, Carl Zeiss, GlaxoSmithKline, Mphasis, TCS — employ graduates from this discipline. One could also try working with research institutes, hospitals and laboratories as scientist and at universities.





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