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Environment, in simplest terms can be summarized as natural life on earth. An environmentalist is someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution. Environmental science is the branch of biology that deals with the relations between organisms, their environment and the solution of environmental problems. It encompasses other fields like ecology, geology, chemistry, physics and atmospheric science.

Due to industrialization, environment is being affected rapidly and there is urgent need of correcting the elements responsible for its constant destruction. Many of the species have disappeared from earth and many more are on the verge of extinction. The responsibility of an environmentalist is to protect our environment from these elements. It is a huge task and unless and until the balance between life and nature is not equated, it cannot be achieved.

Career in Environmental Science Course After 10+2
Career in Environmental Science Course After 10+2

Sometime ago, not many people realized the importance of environment in our natural lives. But as species are vanishing, temperature is increasing, glaciers are melting, sea levels are increasing, forests are denuding, and the atmosphere is being polluted, it is the high time to protect our environment. Due to all these problems, the role of an environmentalist is extremely important. This has led to the introduction of environmental science as a subject. Pollution, whether it is air or water or in any other medium, is a global phenomenon as such. Thus, the scope of work and growth in this field is very wide and employment opportunities aplenty.

Scope of Environmental Studies:

Industries, management of forest and wildlife, urban planning,
pollution control boards, ministry of environment and forests, agriculture and water resources, research and development, NGOs, as a teacher in colleges, and international organisations.


B. Sc. (Environmental Science)
(One can proceed to do M. Sc. and Ph. D. later

Professional Institutes:


  • Ministry of Environment & Forest
  • University Colleges
  • Government departments





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