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National dailies, periodicals, television commercials and various other media showcase a lot of advertisements and there one sees not only the product, but also the models making the product look ever more attractive. For quite some time, the young generation in India is attracted to modelling. The main objective is fame, name and money. Modelling also is gateway to beauty competitions and eventually, the film industry.

It is essential to note here: not everybody can become a model. There are certain criteria that help young aspirants to enter this fascinating world. A good height, perfect body, photogenic face, and charming looks are some of the basic attributes that give advantage in this profession. If you are ready to work hard at odd hours of the day, are self-disciplined, mobile and ready to go anywhere for shooting at any time, modelling will suit you. Clear voice and good facial expressions will be an added advantage.

Modelling Course After 10+2
Modelling Course After 10+2

Modelling can be done part-time or full time but this career is short-lived for most. After 10-15 years, other young faces arrive on the scene and older ones become redundant. In most cases, middle-aged models opt for acting in TV or if they have managed to make good connections and exhibit exceptional talent while they were actively involved with modelling, they get chances in the film industry. Many good models become successful actors with the passage of time. Some open their own agencies to train youngsters desirous of entering the modelling field.

Eligibility :

10+2 or equivalent in any stream.

Career Opportunities :

One can model in advertisements, fashion shows, with fashion designers, in TV Commercials, etc.

Professional Institutes :

  1. AtuI Kaobekar, Negative Space Photographer, Mumbai.
  2. Aditi Modelling Service, Bengaluru. Web : http://www.aditiproductions.com/
  3. Elite School of Modelling, New Delhi.
  4. Soft School of Modelling, New Delhi.
  5. The Model, New Delhi.

Placement :

in advertising, fashion industry, television and films.





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