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‘Engineering-Based’ Career Courses After 12th.

Engineering is translating science into technology. An engineer is imaginative and creates and designs quality products based on theoretical models of science. Simplifying complex problems in technological areas is a great challenge for an engineer. The great Indian civil engineer Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaray who earned Bharat Ratna in 1955, is […]

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‘Food Technology’ Career Course After 12th.

Food Technology mainly deals with manufacturing and preservations of food products through scientific methods. Modem techniques are applied not only for processing and preservation, but for packaging and storing the basic food products like rice and wheat, oil, cereals, sugar and pulses. Besides, all the edible products which you see […]

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‘Horticulture’ Career Course After 12th.

Horticulture Science deals with plant cultivation which has many diverse activities. Horticulture is a branch of agriculture and its crops include trees, bushes and perennial vine fruits; vegetables like roots, tubers, shoots, stems, leaves, fruits and flowers of edible and mainly annual plants; aromatic and medicinal foliage; seeds and roots; […]

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‘Dairy Farming’ Career Course After 12th.

Dairy farming deals with various technologies involving milk and its products. Besides processing, storage, packaging, transportation and distribution, dairy industry also concerns with raising and breeding cattle. Due to scientific researches and modern technologies, the dairy sector has emerged to be one of the profitable professions for present day youths. […]

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‘Home Science’ Career Course After 12th

Home science can be defined as “education for better living”. The objective is meant for prosperous living and achieving the highest happiness. It encompasses both art and science. Home science essentially deals with different aspects of housekeeping. The objective is to foster the growth, development and wellbeing of individual’s families […]

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