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GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE: Our First Antidiabetic Herb

GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE: Our First Antidiabetic

This is known as one of the most powerful anti-diabetic herbs on earth that has been used to help with diabetic symptoms for around 2000 years now and this is why it is first on our list.

It is a woody shrub native to Africa and India. The Hindi name for Gymnema is ‘gur mar.’ This implies – ‘destroyer of sugar.’

It works by diminishing the absorption of sugar from the intestines.

It is extremely powerful owing to its multi-prong hypoglycemic matrix of action.

It curbs sugar and salt cravings by interfering with the glucose receptors present in your mouth. A pinch of Gymnema powder in your mouth can numb the sweet tasting sensation of your taste buds – the only reason for this is the action of gymnemic acid on your leaves.

Another mechanism of action is that the powder inhibits intestinal absorption of glucose by interacting with the same receptors that it blocks in the mouth. The gymnemic acids from the leaves coats the lining of the small intestines, which curbs the uptake of sugar in the body.

Another way Gymnema supports diabetic patients is by helping in creation of new islet cells in the pancreas along with boosting the insulin production from the existing cells. It also enhances the excretion of insulin in the beta cells.

What if I am already taking insulin?

Well, my advice to you here is to consult with your doctor before beginning consumption of Gymnema, since the combination of Insulin and Gymnema is really powerful.

Gymnema can be consumed as tea, capsules, or powdered extracts.

I would advise to take it through capsules since tea or powdered extracts can numb the sensations in your mouth.

Consistency is the key here. Gymnema may take several months to demonstrate a positive action. However, the good thing here is that the benefits are much more than simply ‘destruction of sugar or lowering of blood sugar.’

If you are planning to heal yourself through herbs, the best thing is to experiment with Gymnema for at least 6-8 months – you have to allow it to let it work its magic on your mouth, intestine and the blood stream.

BITTER MELON The Second Herb Of Choice

BITTER MELON –The Second Herb Of Choice

Bitter melon contains three active substances that can help in reduction of blood sugar.

No one can decide if is a vegetable or a fruit – and is therefore classified into both families. It grows in tropical countries such as Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and the Caribbean. The scientific name for bitter melon is Momordicacharantia. It is also known as bitter gourd, bitter melon, karela, bitter squash and goya.

It is known to grow off the vine as a green, oblong-shaped vegetable (or fruit) with a distinctive warty exterior. Although the texture, size and bitterness vary between the various regions in which it grows.

Polypeptide P, present in bitter melon, is known to help in transport of glucose into the cells. This enzyme is also activated by exercise and is often referred to as AMPK.

Apart from serving as an amazing addition to the list of herbs that fight insulin dependent diabetes, bitter melon is a powerful cancer fighter and has even managed to grab a position in a number of pharmaceutical drugs that fight cancer.

You can purchase dehydrated biller melon slices in bulk and use them in veggies of choice.

It is a one of the most commonly used ingredients in Chinese stews. It is also available in the form of powders, tinctures or capsules. You can also prepare a bitter melon tea and drink it twice or thrice every day. The greater the frequency of consumption, the better the results.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Our Third Antidiabetic

Herbal Remedy

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Our Third Antidiabetic

A glass of Apple Cider Vinegar just before a meal can significantly lower our blood sugar level. It can even improve your insulin sensitivity – even with a high carb meal.

The ultimate winning formula however is a combination of apple cider vinegar and low carb meals.

ACV inhibits a carbohydrate digesting enzyme thus slowing down the release of glucose into the bloodstream. This sugar then gets consumed by gut flora, and eventually gets slowly absorbed into the body – as opposed to the quick mode of absorption.

This action, combined with improving insulin sensitivity, demonstrates a compound impact and helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

When you consume ACV, you must ensure that you swish it back without touching your teeth as it can ruin tooth enamel.

It is great if you can make your own apple cider vinegar at home.

Before we look at the actual process of manufacturing ACV at home, let us look at some useful points that you must keep in mind:

  • You must try and make your Apple Cider Vinegar with the winter and fall varieties of apples, primarily because of the ample sugar content in these varieties.
  • During the process and once made, always store your Apple Cider Vinegar in glass, ceramic or other non-traditional containers that are marked as food grade and are sterile. Never let it ferment in metallic containers.
  • Never use baker’s yeast to hasten the process of fermentation. Only certain specialized kinds of yeast that are available at biological labs and wine making shops must be used.
  • During the process of preparation, do ensure that the temperature of the baking solution is within sixty to eighty degrees Fahrenheit.
  • One gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar can be produced by 25lbs. of apples. Remember this to estimate the measurements depending upon the quantity that you require. You don’t need a lot although it will not go bad even if it is stored for a longer period of time.
  • Strain the vinegar using a cheesecloth. In case a cheesecloth is not available, a fine kitchen sieve can be used.

CINNAMON Our Fourth Herb

CINNAMON – Our Fourth Herb

Cinnamon is one of the main herbs used in lowering blood sugar. This tree bark boasts of large numbers of polyphenols which have been known to act directly and beneficially on the metabolism of sugar.

Studies prove that cinnamon enhances the metabolism of sugar by at least 20 times.

And how about cassia bark?

Well, that is much more powerful than sweet cinnamon because the quantity of volatile oils in cassia bark is twice the quantity of oils in sweet cinnamon. The catch here is that cassia bark contains a liver toxin, which is fat soluble.

The fat soluble nature of cassia bark is actually advantageous to diabetics. They can brew the cassia bark tea, extract the medicinal extract into water and leave the toxins in the bark itself!

A number of good cassia-cinnamon extracts are available in the market. The key is to ensure that these are safe water extractions.

If you would like to consume cinnamon in isolation, feel free to consume the whole powder. Let your tongue feel the taste of this spice and incorporate it into your recipes. You can also drink the heavenly cinnamon twice a day. Just let the bark or powder boil into water for five minutes, add a bit of stevia and …..take a sip to experience the most incredible tea you have ever tasted.

CAPSAICIN (HOT PEPPERS) – Our Fifth Anti Diabetic Soldier!

CAPSAICIN (HOT PEPPERS) – Our Fifth Anti Diabetic Soldier!

It is often said that if you wish to master any one herb in your life, it should be cayenne pepper – this single herb can be more beneficial than all combined!

Capsaicin is a compound found in cayenne and other peppers that makes them taste hot.

This amazing substance boosts blood flow much better than any other herb, and this is what allows cayenne pepper to enhance the impact of everything else that you consume.

Let me ask you a simple question here – if the blood flow to your pancreas is weakened due to whatever reason, how can the other herbs that you consume make it to your pancreas?

This blood flow boost is provided by cayenne pepper or capsaicin. The best way to consume it is to stir a pinch of capsaicin powder in a glass full of warm water and drink it. If your sugar levels is extremely high, you can drink this every hour or so. It will not only nourish your blood vessels, but also ensure that your nerves and other organs are protected from high blood sugar.

Along with the blood vessels, capsaicin provides nourishment to the nerves which lowers the inflammation in your pancreas, helping them function more effectively.

The medicinal impact of the herb is more effective when the mouth tastes the herb before it reaches the stomach – your digestive juices begin to flow the moment capsaicin is detected by your taste buds. This is why consuming capsaicin in capsule form is not too effective.

You may begin with a little dose and gradually work your way up. The more, the merrier!

MULBERRY LEAF Your Six Powerful Anti-Diabetic Herb

MULBERRY LEAF – Your Six Powerful Anti-Diabetic Herb

If it were a perfect world, God would plant a mulberry tree in the backyard of any diabetic’s home.

The mulberry leaf has been extensively studied for its anti-diabetic properties. The main compound in the leaf is DNJ or 1-deoxynojirimicin.

On ingestion, DNJ works by inhibiting the function of intestinal enzyme called alpha glucosidase. This is the enzyme responsible for breakdown of starches into simple glucose. The result is immensely slowed carbohydrate absorption which can elevate your insulin efficiency in a massive manner. This even allows your gut flora to work on metabolizing a portion of carbohydrates even before they are absorbed.

Wouldn’t this take the burden off your system and help you better metabolize the sugar?

DNJ also enhances the activity of enzymes in the liver. These enzymes help in metabolism of glucose in a much efficient manner. Liver has a large role to play in sugar metabolism and mulberry leaves ensure that it acts at its peak capacity.

The leaf also has an anti-oxidant impact preventing your bloodstream against the damaging effect of sugar.

You can get pure mulberry leaf extract as a supplement.

CHIA SEEDS Your 7th. Powerful Antidiabetic Herb

CHIA SEEDS – Your 7th. Powerful Antidiabetic Herb

Chia seeds possess an extremely high fiber content which soothes the stomach. They gel up as they pass through your digestive tract, which provides a soothing effect on your stomach and time releases your carbohydrates.

This time releasing of carbohydrates allows small amount of insulin to do the same amount of work over a period of time as a larger amount of insulin would have to do in terms of tackling a big, sugary meal in one go. The abundance of anti-oxidants in chia seeds make them a much healthier and nutritious alternative to other off-the-shelf supplements. Chia seeds also help in balancing your omega 6 to omega 3 ratio which in turn has a powerful anti-inflammatory impact on your body. This in turn has a powerful anti-diabetic effect.

The best way to consume chia seeds is by covering the seeds in spring water. You must ensure that the weight of water is ten times the weight of chia seeds. Add some stevia too and let this mixture stay for around ten minutes. In ten minutes, you will observe that chia seeds have converted into a gel like substance, which you can consume before meals to time release the blood sugar absorption. Feel free to add this gel in your smoothies, puddings and stews.

The best anti-diabetic impact of the herb can be experienced when it is taken right before meals.

It is best to buy 100% Organic Chia seeds that are Non GMO.


Anti-diabetic herbs offer a plethora of health benefits. Some of these are:

  • They lower your blood sugar levels
  • They provide a regenerative impact
  • They protect your body by strengthening your immune system
  • They help in reduction of stress

The pharmaceutical drugs isolate one single compound from the plant and act more like ‘pre-packaged processed food’ that will only increase dependency and harm the system over time by depleting your body of vital nutrients.

I sincerely hope that you are able to treat your diabetes the natural way, using all the herbs mentioned in this book. You can begin with one herb and gradually progress to include more in your diet. Remember, commitment is the key here.

To achieve extra-ordinary health, one must demonstrate extra-ordinary commitment to consume extra-ordinary herbs and diet along with incorporating some extra-ordinary lifestyle changes.

Simply doing this will ensure that you will be much healthier than other individuals around you – including your non diabetic friends!





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