Category: Deductions [Sec. 80A to 80U]

Deductions [Sec. 80A to 80U] to be made in Computing Total Taxable Income (Chapter VIA)]:

Deductions in respect of certain Incomes under Chapter VI-A

1. [Section 80-IA]: Deduction in respect of Profit and Gains from Industrial Undertaking or Enterprises engaged in infrastructure Development (1) Eligibility of Deductions U/s 80-IA The deduction under this Section 80-IA is available to an assessee whose Gross Total Income includes any profits and gains derived by: (1) Any enterprise […]

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Deductions in respect of certain Payments and Investments

Meaning and Basic Rules of Deductions from Gross Total Income The aggregate of income computed under each head, after giving effect to the provisions for clubbing of income and set off of losses, is known as “Gross Total Income”. In computing the total income of an assessee, certain deductions are […]

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